So here it is, Dr. Mooney’s Handy Dandy Festival Survival Guide! (patent pending). No.4 will SHOCK YOU! Just kidding, this isn’t a numbered list but oh my gosh, if it was, No. 4 would totally SHOCK YOU!

So, you’ve got 2 trays of cans, a packet of wet wipes and a wrist band. All set for the festival, right? WRONG!

Fear not, Dr. Mooney is here to help! Let’s all avoid FOMO, survive (responsibly) and enjoy the festivities of the summer with Dr. Mooney’s helpful tips.

Whether you’ve just bought your first pair of wellies or your forearms are covered in previous festival wristbands, these helpful tips are for you!

It’s easy to get caught up with the excitement and euphoria a festival can generate and sometimes it’s the little things that we overlook that can make a big difference to our overall well being.

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Hydrate I know you’ve heard it before, probably from your folks, more than likely as you were scooting out the door on a Friday night headed for the local, BUT water is key and absolutely essential to enjoying (and surviving!) a festival.

Honestly, no really! Staying hydrated is really important, not only will it help your body deal with the copious amount of alcohol you plan on consuming but can also act as a natural pacesetter. A pint of water after every alcoholic drink you have is an easy way to stay hydrated and also ease the amount of work your body has to do to process that alcohol, not to mention slow down the rate of consumption!

We have an in depth piece on health and hydration if you’re looking to read more.

Dr Mooney’s Pro Tip: A pint of water before you hit the hay is crucial if you want to soften that hangover in the morning.

High Life Is it your first time? Are you a regular in this field (literally in a field)?

If you decide to partake, be careful and stay safe!

Stating the obvious here but it’s not a good idea to mix drugs and alcohol. It can lead to some dreadful side effects that can easily turn a great night into a disaster and in some cases even cause more permanent damage, the most permanent being death! If you have taken something and feel unwell, make your way to the medical tent. Telling the medical staff what you have taken makes their job that much easier and gets you the help you need as quickly as possible.

If you are planning on taking something, please do some research on the matter and know what you’re getting into.

Dr. Mooney’s Pro Tip: Honestly, don’t do drugs, at all, ever.

Know the risks!

  • Cocaine can cause a cardiac arrest (on the 1st time or the 101st time!)
  • Ecstasy can causes you to literally boil over and even “pickle” your tissues
  • Cannabis can drive you mad (yes, you can have an acute psychosis from this!)
  • Heroin, you can have the “Big Sleep” because of what this does to your brain.

Ideally just say no and enjoy your grog, sensibly. Especially say no if you are on any medicines for low mood such as antidepressants.

Protection I went to electric picnic and all I got was chlamydia!? No one wants this t-shirt!

Nothing will bring you down from the high of a festival like waiting in line at a sexual health clinic. Luckily, you can skip the queue and check on your sexual health from home with’s discreet STI Home Test Kit.

ALWAYS practice safe sex, and be sure to use a condom. This is something that falls on both parties. There’s no excuse lads and lassies, be prepared.

Did you know that you can catch an STI through oral sex as well? Be careful!

Dr Mooney’s Pro Tip: Fairly straightforward, to whom it may concern, to all involved, bring condoms!

Morning After I begged Dr. Mooney to divulge some sort of miracle cure, perhaps an old remedy passed down through the ages but alas, there is no certified way to cure a hangover. Dr. Mooney did have this one bit of advice, “A stitch in time, as they say, saves nine!”, simply, managing and monitoring your alcohol intake ahead of time alternating it with pint of water. It’s easy to get caught up in the festival buzz but stopping to take stock every now and again can make the world of difference!

I think that perfectly sums up our festival survival tips in general. Being prepared and taking the proper precaution can help us avoid all sorts of ailments, heartaches and even hangovers. I did manage to squeeze a little bit of a cure out of Dr. Mooney, although not terribly original, see below.

Dr Mooney’s Pro Tip: Over the counter stomach acid suppressant, to ease that queasy tummy and 2 paracetamol should do the trick! (no miracle cure, eh?! I’m a fan of an ice cold can of coke myself!)

Checklist – The Essentials What to bring?!

  • Sunscreen
  • Wet wipes
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Toilet Roll
  • Condoms
  • Rain gear (come on, it’s Ireland)
  • More fresh pairs of socks than you could possibly need. (think of a number, double it!)
  • Black bags (wet/dirty clothes and rubbish!)
  • A can-do attitude!
  • Common sense

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