Stress in the workplace – what is being done?

Workplace related stress is on the rise; a recent report from the Health & Safety Authority in Ireland revealed that stress-related health issues affect 28% of workers while a further 23% of workers experience overall fatigue.

Stress is the second most common cause of sickness/absenteeism lasting 21 days or more in the EU and worryingly (but not surprisingly) by 2020, five of the top 10 medical problems worldwide will be stress-related.

According to the Workplace Relations Commission “Tackling stress at work has a number of potential benefits including greater efficiencies, positive economic and social benefits for workplaces and employees, improved occupational health and safety and a positive work environment generally”.

So what’s being done to deal with this growing issue? Although half of all Irish businesses consider mental health a priority, a staggering 84% do not have a wellness policy or wellness programme in place. Is it up to the individual to cope with work related stress? Apparently not. Every company has a legislative duty of care to their employees and mental health related issues.

Work related stress affects every workplace, of every size and in every industry.

Look after your employees’ health and they will look after your company wealth!

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