Meet the Doctors

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Published: October 31, 2014

Category: News & Insights

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Published: October 31, 2014

Welcome to the first of what we hope will be many informative blog posts about and the many benefits of signing up! has been created to make life easier for people who need access to medication but just don’t have the time to visit their local GP. The service is quite like the traditional visit to the doctor in that we have the same strict level of confidentiality and our fully qualified Doctors ensure the highest levels of quality and service. What’s different is that patients can access 24 hours a day, seven days a week and receive their prescription discreetly through the post.

Meet the Docs!

For our first post, we decided to let our wonderful team of Doctors do the talking and answer some of the questions you the patient may have about our new service. First up, we asked Dublin born Dr Sylvester Mooney exactly what medical services are on offer at and how these differ from a traditional ‘face to face’ consultation.

Some consultations, such as renewal of prescriptions for contraception, can be done safely and easily online and that’s where comes in. Sometimes there are important medical reasons why the prescription should not be issued so there are safeguards built into the online consultation for the safety of patients.

Leitrim born, self-confessed ‘country girl’ Dr Audrey Diffley, believes is ideal for working mums who find it difficult to get a repeat prescription.

I think that it’s a fantastic, convenient service; patients can go online day or night and order their repeat medication. Also all the information regarding, for example, the pill is online so women can peruse all the relevant information on risks and effects on demand. I often think that during a face-to-face consult it is inevitable that some information will be forgotten but with all the information is available all the time.

So, who’s it for? is for people who want access to their latest prescription, without having to see a doctor face to face. It’s a cost efficient, practical and quick way of ensuring your medication needs are met. Our doctors believe is particularly useful for women who want to renew their contraceptive prescription and also for certain areas such as erectile dysfunction which can also be prescribed safely and confidentially online.

Safety First

Only patients who are deemed medically suitable will be prescribed for the requested treatment; if a patient is refused a prescription this does not necessarily mean they are unsuitable for this treatment (as our approval criteria is far narrower than for face-to-face consultation) and they will be advised to visit their local GP or alternatively can recommend local doctors in their area. Maintaining and upholding the patient’s safety and satisfaction with the service is the cornerstone of’s ethos. According to Dr Mooney:

The online consultation requires that the patient answer a very detailed set of questions which are designed to screen out specific medical points which may indicate that the prescription is not appropriate and that a face to face consultation is necessary for the patient’s safety. If this is so, then no script will be issued and the patient will be refunded their fee in full and advised to access medical consultation locally.

Quality of Care

All doctors working at are obliged to care for their patients to the highest standard and to follow ethical guidelines as set out by the Medical Council of Ireland. According to Dr Diffley:

This is true whether it’s through a face to face consultation, by telephone or online. Every patient who registers to get a prescription at is required to fill out a medical health questionnaire and as stated above, if certain issues are highlighted during this process, the patient may/may not receive their prescription.

Repeat prescriptions – how do they work?

Once a patient is registered, an online file can be accessed by them using their own unique username and password, allowing for quick and easy access for subsequent consultations.

I’ve got a problem while taking my prescription – can I contact you?

No problem says Dr Mooney.

We can be contacted online and if necessary our doctors can contact the patient directly by phone to clarify any queries which arise.

Ensuring the patient receives the best possible care is the main priority of the service says Dr Diffley.

We are dedicated to providing a safe service for our patients following best practice guidelines and also to deliver a cost effective, time efficient and user-friendly service.