Why spend extra energy traveling to the GP when you can speak to a doctor from wherever you are? Here are the top 5 reasons to use an online doctor service.

1. Save time.

For many illnesses, there’s no need to book an appointment at a busy GP office and account for the time needed to travel there and back. You can login and book a same-day appointment (many online doctors have evening and weekend hours as well).

Additionally, if you need a prescription urgently, the doctor can fax this directly to a pharmacy and will post a hard copy with their signature.

2. Save money.

There is no need for medical treatment to break the bank. Fortunately, online doctors are often more cost-effective than a local GP. This monetary difference is crucial for many people. For instance, Webdoctor.ie offers repeat prescriptions from just €25, and online GP consultations from €49, depending on the time of the appointment.

3. Communicate directly with your doctor.

You can message the doctor about your treatment directly through an online portal. This continuous care ensures that you fully understand the treatment your doctor has advised and allows your doctor to easily follow up with you.

4. Get a Medical Certificate without having to leave your house

You’re ill. You don’t want to spread your highly contagious flu or cold or winter vomiting bug around the office. So why should you have to even leave your house?

Speaking to an online doctor about your symptoms can help you get a medical certificate quickly and with little fuss, so you can focus on recovering and getting back to work as soon as you can.

5. Referrals managed online, with all of your information in one place.

An online doctor can refer you on to a specialist just like any normal GP. The results from the referral would then be returned to the online doctor, who can discuss these with you further if necessary – all online, all easily accessible.

It is true that an online doctor can’t do everything. For instance, if a physical assessment is needed, an online doctor will refer you to your local GP. However, for many basic ailments and injuries, an online doctor can provide an easy, convenient and affordable way to get expert medical advice and treatment.

All of the GPs with Webdoctor.ie are registered with the Irish Medical Council and have years of experience treating patients.