Pancake Tuesday

Pancake Tuesday Top Picks

You just can’t miss out on a day dedicated to pancakes, whether your reasons for participating are religious or not. This doesn’t have to be the day you fall off the health wagon either – you can indulge in Pancake Day with everyone else while also actually eating a healthy and delicious meal.

Here are our top local picks for pancake recipes. Make sure to stock up on ingredients before Tuesday!

Gluten-Free Pancakes

Gluten-Free Pancakes with blueberry, banana, and honey
By Donal Skehan

With no gluten and fruit and seeds mixed into the batter, these pancakes have far more nutrients than your average flapjack. Celebrity chef Donal Skehan’s creation is delicious and tasty. He even suggests topping them with honey, coconut yoghurt, and bee pollen for the adventurous among you…

Find the recipe here.

Buckwheat Pancakes

Buckwheat pancakes with blueberry yoghurt and their healthier newtella
By The Happy Pear

Buckwheat is gluten-free and not actually wheat at all. In fact, it’s extremely nutritious and heart-healthy… even when used to make pancakes. Make it your own with your favourite toppings; the Happy Pear duo suggest pomegranate seeds, yoghurt, cocoa nibs, and more.

Find this unique recipe for buckwheat pancakes here.


Oatmeal Pancakes

Oaty Pancakes’ full of protein, fiber and fruit
By Aveen Bannon

Combine a traditionally healthy breakfast item with a traditionally UNhealthy one in this recipe. Heartier than your normal pancakes, these ‘oaty’ cakes should keep you full for longer. Ground almonds add extra flavour and protein to this recipe – and of course, you can top the pancakes off with your favourite fruit.

This recipe is from dietitian Aveen Bannon, and you can find it here.


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