For Your Clinic

Due to the situation we find ourselves in with Coronavirus / COVID-19, we are launching a HSE supported Video Virtual Clinic platform to any clinician that wants to use it.

We have negotiated a discounted price with the HSE and Department of health to enable clinicians to perform video consultations with their own patients and to charge a fee for those services.

The technology behind this platform powers, and other European Virtual Clinics with over 750,000 patients registered.

HSE Discounted Pricing / no hidden costs

  • Just €24 per clinician per month
  • Free and unlimited number of clinic receptionists / practice managers

All Email notifications are free. SMS notifications are optional and are charged at 0.8c each.

How to sign up

Setup is usually done the same day you apply. Simply submit your details below and a member of our onboarding team will be in contact with you.

Patient Confidentiality

Patients and doctors do not need to register to use the service, they are simply sent a unique booking code to obtain secure access to the consultation.

These patients remain your own and our team are experienced in processing sensitive clinical data.

We won’t contact these patients for any other reason than to confirm bookings you or your practice team arrange with them. None of these patients will require registration with any Service and no other clinician will ever have any access to your patient details.

Our team, including support and engineers all sign patient confidentiality statements before they start to work for us.


All our servers are deployed in Microsoft Azure in Ireland and no personally identifiable data, including Names, Emails, or Mobile Phone numbers is ever stored outside of Ireland.

All of our team work in Ireland and the EU, including support and engineers who all sign patient confidentiality statements before they start to work for us. No data is ever processed outside of Ireland and the EU.

All this means we do not rely on things like Privacy Shield to provide our Platform and support you and your patients.

Our team, including support and engineers all sign patient confidentiality statements before they start to work for us.


All payments are handled via Stripe and made directly to your own Stripe / Bank account.

Stripe setup is easy. All you need to setup an account here:

You can view Stripe’s fees here:

You can register and take payments the very same day and Stripe usually transfers the money to your account in one week once you are approved (which requires you to upload identity proof to their site).

Devices we support

We have more device and Application options for doctors and patients to connect than any other platform.

We provide:

  • Native iOS
  • Native Android
  • Browser (no install) options for (Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera, among others)

We strongly recommend Native Applications for reliability and quality of service reasons. Although Browser Based Consultations make up only 12% of our Video Consultations, they are responsible for over 70% of Technical Support issues due to things like Browser Updates in Chrome that do not apply to Native Apps.

Coming soon

Soon it will offer other functionality to increase your efficiency.

For example allowing your Practice Manager, Receptionist or Nurse to triage patients and capture clinical questionnaires before the Video starts to maximise your efficiency.



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