Deskercise - The Office Workout!

Chances are you are reading this sitting in your office chair, inactive, hunched over a computer with terrible posture! I know I am writing this striking a similar pose!

Getting out during a working day for some sort of exercise is not always possible. The following workout is designed for the office. All you need is a chair and something, like a table, to lean on.

If you are too embarrassed to do it in an open plan office why not get a pal to join in to share the embarrassment or find a meeting room where you can do it. No excuses :-)

What level are you? Workout level

Squats - Give me 20.

Keep your core engaged, back as straight as possible and clench your butt at the top.


Lunges - 20 reps.

Face forward, bend your knees to lunge and push back on your leading leg. Alternate for each leg.


Download the entire workout

Tricep Dips on your chair - Give me 10.

Make sure your chair is not on wheels and is sturdy!

Tricep dips

Knee lifts - Do 10 reps.

Hold on to the chair. Lean back until your abs engage and then lift your knees up towards your chest.

Knee Lifts

Leg Lifts - 20 on each leg.

Sit straight, engage your abs and straighten your leg until parallel with your hips! Alternate each leg.

Leg Lifts

Desk pushups - 10 reps.

Form is everything! Keep a straight line from your head to your heels.

Desk Pushups

Download Deskercise

Tips: If you try this workout three days in a row we promise you will feel it in your muscles and feel better for it! Stick a reminder into your calendar to make sure you remember your workout. Just do it - doctors orders!